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JL-950Plastic thermoforming machine
JL-950Plastic thermoforming machine

JL-950Plastic thermoforming machine


Configuration type:

Servo drive, servo stretch, servo feed.

Jinlong JL series plastic positive air pressure thermoforming machine adopts eccentric servo drive mechanism.It has the advantages of stable operation, accurate positioning, low noise, strong clamping force and high yield.The machine electricity gas integration design, USES the microcomputer and the PLC control, the man-machine interface operation, sets sends the piece, the heating, the molding, the cutting edge, the manipulator takes the cup once completes the plastic product molding equipment.

High degree of automation, high production efficiency, through the installation of different molds can produce different products, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

The control system USES electrical components, pneumatic components, reliable quality, long service life.

The machine is suitable for PP, PE, PET, PS plastic sheet products, such as disposable drinking cups, cutlery bowls, packaging boxes, milk tea cups and other thin-walled plastic containers.

 JL-950Technical parameters of plastic thermoforming machine:

Model (table area)JL 950*650
Product applicable materialsPP PE PET PS
Suitable thickness of sheet0.3-2mm
Applicable width of sheet750--950mm
The depth of the forming≤220
Work efficiency≤30模/min
Die opening and closing stroke260-300
Heating rating172KW
Main motor power15KW
Feed motor power3.0KW
Use the power supply380V / 50HZ
Gas consumption5000-6500L / min
Water consumption50-60L /min
Machine weight8500 kg
Boundary dimension5000*1800*3200