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Sheet metal machine vibration and use notes

2020-01-08 17:26:27

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There are many reasons for the vibration of sheet metal machine, among which the vibration is mainly divided into forced vibration....

There are many reasons for the vibration of sheet metal machine, among which the vibration is mainly divided into forced vibration, self-excited vibration and outgoing vibration.In machining, if the vibration produced in precision cutting or grinding, is mainly forced vibration.The vibration under general cutting conditions is mainly self-excited vibration.So, for different really, how to take preventive measures?

The vibration force generated in the system changes with time and moves under the action of time, which is called the response force of the system or the dynamic characteristic of the system.It can be expressed in terms of displacement, velocity or acceleration.In order to avoid the vibration of sheet metal machine in the process of processing, it is necessary to determine the dynamic characteristics of sheet metal machine through the test, and then develop a solution.Variable cutting forces can be simulated with a shaker between the tool and the workpiece.Then the relative vibration displacement between the tool and the workpiece and the phase Angle of the vibration induced by the vibration displacement are measured.

In order to make the sheet metal function fast production sheet metal, in the use of the process, sheet metal machine needs to pay attention to the following eight points:

1. The temperature of each section on the sheet metal machine barrel is different. From the feeding section to the connection between the machine barrel and the mold, the temperature gradually increases.

2. The mold temperature is slightly higher than the cylinder temperature.The temperature in the center of the mold is slightly lower than the temperature at both ends.

3. The middle roll and the upper roll of the three rolls shall be on the same plane as the lower plane of the die lip, and the end face of the lip shall be parallel to the center line of the middle roll, with a distance of 5-10cm.

4. The gap between the die lip shall be slightly less than or equal to the thickness of the product, and the gap between the die lip shall be slightly less than the gap between the two ends of the die.

5. Note that the roughness of the working surface of the three rollers should not exceed 0.2 PM.The surface of the cleaning roller shall be cleaned with a copper knife.

6. mold temperature control to be stable, high temperature, molten material in the mold flow speed, otherwise will become slow.Unsteady flow rates can cause errors in the longitudinal thickness of the product.

7. the working surface temperature of the roll, the temperature of the roll should be slightly higher than the temperature of the roll.The roller surface temperature is on the high side, the casting billet is not easy to take off the roller, and the product surface is easy to produce grains;The temperature is too low, the product surface gloss is poor.According to this phenomenon, the temperature control of roller surface is adjusted according to time.

8. The extrusion speed should be slightly lower than the running speed of three rollers, and the running speed should be stable.