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The production and characteristics of meal box machine

2020-01-08 17:27:07

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Lunch box machine is the machine that produces the fast food appliance that is very common in current life....

Lunch box machine is the machine that produces the fast food appliance that is very common in current life, but because the product that it produces is the food that holds our daily food, so for its sex and hygiene, we each consumer takes seriously, once hygiene or unqualified, so harm still is the body of us these users.How does the lunch box machine ensure the lunch box during the production process?In fact, we often use the paper plate inside the outer surface is a reflective film.This layer of material is polyethylene waterproof film, every paper plate machine in the production process to ensure the existence of this layer of film, but according to the different information and the use of technology distance, many secondary paper plate machine produced this layer of film in the effect of air, very simple oxidation into a harmful compound for human body.Therefore, in the paper plate machine industry is often called the film technology for the paper plate machine production process of the ghost technology.

Lunch box machine is a kind of fast manufacturing lunch box machine, compared with the previous machinery, the main characteristics of the lunch box machine is to eliminate the production of blister products is the middle link “Pull-in & throughout;Is directly molded with plastic particles and the leftover material can also be used directly, that is to say, it saves the power consumption of reheating after pulling the sheet, in line with the concept of modern environmental protection and energy saving.

Not only that, the lunch box machine also has a feature is the product thickness can be adjusted according to the need, easy to control the thickness of the product, suitable for tofu box, jelly cup, fast food box, bowl and tray and other food inside and outside packaging PP plastic packaging production.It is because of the excellent performance of the lunch box machine, just so in the market.

In many cases, we do not know what equipment is used to make plastic products in the city, but at present, most disposable plastic products are processed by plastic molding equipment, including lunch box machine, plastic cup molding equipment.And compared with the general plastic processing equipment, the current sheet machinery is a better kind of equipment, so said because the production of this kind of machinery is more than the use of the city.Including plastic cover, plastic box, plastic cup and so on, these are used more products.

The disposable plastic fast food box produced by the food box machine is a kind of take-out packaging used in the fast food industry. As the main packaging product, the small fast food box is clean and tidy compared with the previous plastic bag packaging, giving people a sense of delicacy.A delicate lunch box is still very important for takeaway. When we see that the packaging of a takeaway is relatively delicate, our impression will be given bonus points, which is the value of packaging for the industry. At present, the production of lunch box machine is also developing in the direction of diversification.

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