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Matters needing attention in using plastic granulating equipment

2020-01-08 17:24:37

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Waste foam recovery granulator of plastic granulating equipment: it is used in the recovery and granulation of waste plastic products such as foamed fast food box....

Waste foam recovery granulator of plastic granulating equipment: it is used in the recovery and granulation of waste plastic products such as foamed fast food box, cake box, foam packing material, heat preservation material and foaming material, omentum white pollution garbage, etc.Full set of equipment with power: foam breaker 4KW foam recovery machine 7.5kw pellet cutter 1.5kw we have strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, product quality, reasonable design, rugged and durable, complete varieties, with high output, low energy consumption, high degree of automation.

Matters needing attention in using plastic granulating equipment:

First, metal objects will cause great damage to foam machinery, so plastic pelleting equipment material barrel can not enter the metal objects.

2. When the plastic granulator is working, first heat the upper and lower cylinder for 2040 minutes and then put a piece of foam on the nose or press it lightly. If the foam can be softened and melted, it means that the cylinder has been heated to the working temperature and can be started.Add a small amount of foam into the hopper first. If the extruder has melted, a large amount of blanking can be started. If the temperature is too high, you can cut off the heating power of the head and continue working.

The screw bearing of plastic granulator can be lubricated with compound aluminum base grease.

Four, in the plastic pelleting equipment work, the screw head can be required to add a layer or two layers of 20-60 mesh filter, or other appropriate number of filters, the filter should be more than a few, work, if not smooth, indicating that the filter is blocked, immediately change the filter.Steel filter after burning impurities, can also be used.

New plastic granulation equipment, waste plastic granulation equipment, plastic granulation equipment, foam machinery, waste foam equipment, foam production of recycling equipment design is reasonable, high degree of automation, advanced technology, energy saving, will its direct production particles at room temperatures, light even, does not damage the original molecular mechanism, particles from the wide application and market demand, customers throughout, exported to Japan, South Korea, widely praised by users.Differences between the old type plastic granulator and the new type plastic granulator

1. It is the fourth generation of twin screw waste foam recovery and granulation production line.

2. It is a special machine for recycling polystyrene (EPS) for granulation.

3. Low energy consumption and significant energy saving effect.

4, the product quality is good, the particle is white transparent body, the color is good.The difference between the new type machine and the old type machine :(1) the appearance of the fully closed cover, one is to avoid high temperature scald, in addition to avoid the electrical leakage problem, but also played a role in heat preservation.(2) for the motor part, the motor belt for high-speed operation of plastic granulating equipment is prone to problems. We have adopted a high-height all-package cover, which not only ensures the operation of the motor, but also adds a lot of color to the overall appearance of the machine.(3) the cutting part, this is a problem that can not be ignored, the machine adopts the bedroom crusher, operation on the ground, and then to the foam crusher feed mouth to sweep the material, so as to avoid the danger of direct manual operation.(4) pearl cotton: it is a kind of foam, it has high density, strong toughness, less quantity on the market, low purchase price, and high negative value after granulation, so it is welcomed by foam granulators.The series of products are suitable for - automotive foam - external wall insulation materials - model room materials - waste foam processing granulation, improve product conversion rate, reduce production costs, broad market prospects.

Knowledge about plastic pelleting equipment:

Equipment to consider problems first, 1,, do plastic granulation equipment at work is a high temperature scald, another circuit, when the choose and buy should first consider whether at the time of equipment working staff can come into contact with the heater, the other work when the circuit is guaranteed, I suggest to buy equipment basic one is the overall heat shield, 2 it is to have the protection circuit and wire.

2, yield, foam particles machine on the market at present in two to three, and with more is the type 200 foam machinery, production is 400 jins, his theory and the actual output is more than 300 jins, production is based on whether the spiral feeding machine, and the discharge condition of the die head, the same type of equipment or machine for an hour out of the 70-100 jins, some equipment per hour from 300-350 jins, so when the choose and buy equipment to understand clearly.

At present, the competition in plastic pelleting equipment industry is very fierce. How to reduce product cost and improve product competitiveness is a core problem faced by every pelleter, and henan plastic pelleting equipment in the plastic pelleting equipment industry determines the quality of your product and your economic benefits.

At present, the domestic henan plastic granulation equipment used by nearly all old equipment, 2-3 years ago, there is no temperature control, there is no automatic in the net, no cover, and to the material quality is poor, temperature control bad easily burned black, then there is no automatic network to change material with impurities, low selling price, important is performance is low.