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Full-automatic one-step blister machine
Full-automatic one-step blister machine

Full-automatic one-step blister machine


Principle of blister forming machine: blister forming is also called thermoplastic forming. This forming process mainly USES the vacuum suction generated by the vacuum pump to heat and soften PVC, PET, PETG, APTT, PP, PE, PS and other plastic sheets of thermal plasticity through the mold blister into various shapes of vacuum cover, or stick to the surface of various shapes of products.Blister is divided into thin section blister and thick section blister according to the thickness of the sheet.

The main structure of the machine is composed of feeding, drawing, up and down electric heating furnace, down brake, multi-function adjustable size, down die plate, up mold, up brake, knife brake, slicing, placing and equipped with vacuum device.

And thick piece blister common products are: domestic appliances inner shell, luggage, display accessories, decoration, car interior decoration, bumper, fender, beauty equipment, light box shell, toy car shell, industrial panel, advertising light box, blister LOGO, bathroom products, refrigerator liner and so on.