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Understand the key points of material composition selection of plastic granulati

2020-01-08 17:23:57

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Plastic pelleting equipment many people do not know about plastic pelleting equipment raw materials and finished products have many questions....

Plastic pelleting equipment many people do not know about plastic pelleting equipment raw materials and finished products have many questions.Explain the raw material composition of finished foam particles of plastic granulation equipment.As the name implies, the raw material of plastic granulating equipment is a variety of foam, is the whole containing countless micropores of plastic.Foam is a two-phase system consisting of a continuous phase of plastic and a dispersed phase of gas.Foamed plastics with different properties can be prepared by using different resins and foaming methods.

Plastic pelleting equipment has not changed the chemical properties of foam, but only changed the physical form of foam, making the storage, reuse and transportation of waste foam more convenient.

Because of the existence of gas phase, foamed plastic has the advantages of low density, heat insulation, sound absorption and shock resistance.Most thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics can be made into styrofoam.

At present, the industry is widely used in polyethylene, polystyrene, polyurethane and other thermoplastic resin foamed plastic as the base material, thermosetting resin foamed plastic also has the output, but the softness is poor, mainly used for higher strength requirements and good flame retardant foamed plastic products.

Styrofoam can be classified in a variety of ways:

Foam plastic by its density can be divided into: low foam, foam and high foam foam plastic.The density less than 0.1g /cm3 is called high foaming foams, the density between 0. L ~ 0.4g/cm3 is called medium foaming foams, and the density greater than g/cm3 is called low foaming foams.

According to the different structure of foam plastic can be divided into open - pore foam and closed - pore foam.The pores in the foam are interconnected, which is called open-hole foam, and if the foam is separated from each other, it is called closed-hole foam.

According to its different hardness foam plastic can be divided into soft foam plastic, semi-hard foam plastic and hard foam plastic.If the elastic modulus is the standard, at 23℃ and 5% relative humidity, the elastic modulus higher than 686MPa is called rigid foamed plastic, and the elastic modulus between 68.6 and 686MPa is called semi-rigid foamed plastic.The elastic modulus less than 68.6mpa is called soft foam plastics.

In addition, there are structural foam plastic and combination foam plastic said, the former has no foam or less foam of the skin and foam of the core layer, the latter is the small insulating glass, ceramic microspheres into the resin containing curing agent, and then curing molding system.Plastic granulating equipment is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving equipment, but also a good choice for small investors.

To choose a cost-effective plastic granulating equipment to waste plastic granulating equipment series of equipment to understand.For everyone to explain the choice of plastic granulator attention points:

1. Investment in any project should be considered. For plastic granulating equipment, the following aspects should be paid attention to:Plastic granulation equipment at work is a high temperature scald problem, the other is circuit problem, say first high temperature scald, when the choose and buy should first consider whether at the time of equipment working staff can come into contact with the heater, when other circuit protection, motor parts, foam particles machine high speed motor belt is easy to appear problem, we have adopted the height of the whole package cover, this not only ensures the motor during operation, also for the whole machine add endowment add a lot of beautiful degree.The cutting part, this is a problem that can not be ignored, the machine USES a bedroom grinder, the operation on the ground, with a broom to sweep the material, so as to avoid the danger of direct manual operation.

2, temperature control device, according to the problems arising from the practice of users, zhengzhou hong, specially in plastic granulation equipment top with a full range of temperature control equipment, avoid the host connection trouble already so, also solved the problem of measuring temperature, can now knows exactly how many degrees, the screw is on, to use science, control, and made the raw material and transparent, not burn or melting phenomenon.

3, yield, because there is no fixed industry standards, so currently on the market of plastic granulation equipment classification are more diverse, each company has its own standard of classification, and use more is producing 300 jins, 900 jins of foam machinery, his theory of production is 300 jins, 900 jins, the actual output is more than 300 jins - more than 1000 jins, production is based on whether the spiral feeding machine, and the discharge condition of the die head, the same type of equipment or machine from 70 to 100 jins, is an hour from 300 to 350 jins, is some equipment per hourSo in the choice and purchase of equipment to determine the good output, and then to the specific visit to the manufacturer, according to the specific parameters provided by the manufacturer to choose the appropriate equipment.

China's plastic granulation equipment industry has been seriously affected, but the competitiveness of the whole industry and the ability to resist risks are being enhanced, the sustainable development is being enhanced.China's mainland plastic machinery products plastic granulation equipment still has a huge internal and external demand and deep market potential, mold and hardware plastic industry suppliers association secretary general luo baihui believes that with the recovery of the world economy, China's plastic machinery industry will be in a new round of development.

Factory in the use of information technology on its plastic granulation equipment, foam crusher equipment of publicity, we deeply realize the effectiveness and quality of information is not allow to ignore, and the demand for plastic crusher customer for effective conversation and communication, plastic granulation equipment become the circular economy and the trend of new industrialization, gradually establish details of the customer demand and archives, and carries on the sorting, to ensure that customer information in detail, neat and orderly.