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Where are the particles made by plastic granulators used

2020-01-08 17:23:24

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Due to the rapid development of science and technology, plastic granulation equipment has been achieving good results....

Due to the rapid development of science and technology, plastic granulation equipment has been achieving good results. After continuous development and improvement, the products produced are also applied in various fields. Then where are these recycled products used?

With the development of chemical industry, waste foam, processed by plastic granulating equipment and used as packaging materials and disposable tableware, has turned to the field of building insulation materials with market prospects.The waste foamed plastic after defoaming is added with a dose of low-boiling liquid modifier, foaming agent, catalyst, stabilizer, etc. The polystyrene beads can be pre-foamed by heating, and then the rigid polystyrene foamed plastic board with micro-closed pores is made by heating in the mold.This kind of plate can be used alone, also can be formed after the thin aluminum coating to make aluminum plastic plate.Its heat preservation performance is very good, through the house roof actual use test, the result does not frost and dew phenomenon, and can reduce the project cost, construction operation is convenient.

Notes for the use of plastic granulating equipment:

1, first need to check whether the screw is loose, the spindle rotation is flexible.

2, the correct installation of the motor and its circuit, good external good grounding protection.

3, timely check the test spindle steering is correct.

4. Before each extruder starts, it is necessary to melt the raw materials in the upper and lower barrels to make them flexible for turning the big wheel.

5. Pay attention to the color and shape of the discharge, and master the power supply and shutdown of each heating plate.

6, if there are more impurities in the raw materials such as ash, soil, you can add a screen before the screen, so as to ensure the color and purity of particles.

Characteristics of plastic granulating equipment:

Waste polystyrene materials of various shapes can be used with low raw material cost.The polybenzene particles produced by processing are not only uniform in size but also bright in color.Small area, low energy consumption, high output, 2-3 people can operate.Waste foam pellet machine will become the main force of external wall insulation industry.

Application of plastic granulating equipment after granulation:

1. For external wall insulation system.

2, clean particles can be secondary production of foam board.

3, do XPS board production and KT advertising board special raw materials.

Plastic pelleting equipment production to production, to go through several production processes, the basic steps to master clear, a standard foam pelleting production line including foam crusher, wind equipment, extruder, heating facilities, cooling facilities, pelleting machine to facilitate.Every process is.Plastic granulating equipment in the feeding to be uniform, and full.Feeding speed and feeding speed of plastic granulating equipment should be properly matched.Otherwise, the quality and yield of particles will be affected.

Heat up for about 30 minutes before starting.Raise the temperature to handle the motor until it is free;Pull eight to ten times in a row in the normal working direction.Then continue to warm up for about ten minutes, and then start up, but continue to warm up, because normal production needs to continue to add heat;Adjust the temperature according to different properties of plastic.

When the plastic granulating equipment is working normally, the machine temperature should be kept stable, not up and down.Near the vent hole, keep the temperature around 200℃ until the nose.When the plastic granulator stops, the main machine should be cut off.Screw plug (with wrench) of plastic granulator is removed.Preheat separately before next use.We believe that strictly follow the production steps of plastic granulating equipment to ensure your production and product quality.

If we met in the production of unstable situation we should to deal with is to check whether there is a screw loose situation of machinery and equipment, each spindle rotation is flexible, at the time of installation of equipment or electrical circuit does exist is not available or other aspects of the problem, using three-phase electric motor should be 380 v, and heater USES 220 v electric current, mechanical equipment is there to do that good contact with the ground protection.

Everyone at the time of commissioning check the turning of the main shaft installed correctly, in heating power preheating to barrel shell melting bubble, and should pay attention to every extruder machine to use from top to bottom in the melting of the raw material can reach the barrels, to ensure the equipment can achieve flexible at start-up time, if it's because the nose has the residual raw materials not melt, suggested using a blowtorch to head up and down to strengthen preheating.

Very flexible master after pumping the entrance length, according to different temperature and water temperature, the article will be pumped through the water cooling 1.1 1.7 M or so, and then make the ribbon is not brittle fracture, and then can not adhesion after cut off, be careful to always pay attention to the color of the discharging, as well as the shape, mastering the thermal field of power supply for stop, magazines, such as the ash and soil more for raw materials, can add a 20 yard to 80 yard in front of the sieve plate, and 1-3 layer mesh, can ensure the color and brightness of plastic particles.

Usually plastic granulating equipment to take daily maintenance and regular maintenance of two ways for maintenance.

Daily maintenance is a regular routine that does not take up the operating hours of the equipment and is usually completed during driving.The emphasis is on cleaning the machine, lubricating the moving parts, fastening the loose thread parts, timely checking and adjusting the motor, control instruments, working parts and pipelines, etc.

Regular maintenance of plastic granulation equipment is generally stopped after the extruder runs continuously for 2500-5000h. The machine needs to disassemble, check, measure and identify the wear of main parts, replace the parts that have reached the specified wear limit, and repair the damaged parts.