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Sheet metal machine production of environmental - friendly sheet to promote the

2020-01-08 17:20:17

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With the development of China's plastic industry, more and more plastic products, more and more styles and types....

With the development of China's plastic industry, more and more plastic products, more and more styles and types.

Among them, the production of more plastic products is disposable plastic products, it is also a large consumption of products.

Although it has brought huge profits to the companies that make plastics, it has also brought negative impacts to the environment.

These waste plastic products, because the material is not degradable, so cause white pollution.

In the past ten years, China has attached more and more importance to environmental protection, and people have begun to pay attention to environmental protection.

Therefore, in order to actively respond to the call, management of environmental problems, many domestic manufacturers in efforts to develop environmentally friendly products.

After continuous efforts, the environmental friendly sheet metal machine is produced, this sheet metal machine can be used to produce degradable sheet metal, these sheet metal, can be used well with the food, medicine and other health industry packaging.

At present, our country has a lot of enterprises began to produce environmental protection sheet material machine, these sheet material machine not only domestic popular, but also exported overseas, popular market.

With the rapid development of economy, people's living standards are constantly improving and the pace of life is constantly accelerating, which makes people's demand for convenient and quick products is increasingly high, especially disposable plastic products, which is the product of the rapid development of this era.

It is convenient and fast to adapt to the pace of modern life, which is why disposable plastic products have developed rapidly.

The appearance and rapid development of plastic machinery and equipment such as sheet metal machine also laid a solid foundation for the development of disposable plastic products.

Sheet machine is a kind of plastic mechanical equipment composed of main engine, heat exchanger, mold, press, conveyer, tractor, winding machine and so on.

Structure, stable performance.

In the production process, the components interact with each other and cooperate with each other to realize the high-speed production of the sheet metal machine.

Sheet machine can process a wide range of raw materials, including polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and so on.

Sheet machine and other plastic mechanical equipment with technology, functionality and stability.

Plastic machinery equipment, such as sheet machine, is an ideal choice for the development of industrial economy.

The temperature of each section on the cylinder of plastic sheet production equipment increases gradually from the feeding section to the connection between the cylinder and the forming mold.

Mold temperature slightly higher than the barrel temperature.

The high temperature is controlled at 5-- 10℃.

The temperature at both ends of the mold is slightly higher than the temperature in the mold, and the higher temperature is controlled at 5-10℃.

The upper roll surface of the middle roll of the three rollers shall be on a horizontal surface with the lower plane of the die lip;

The end face of the lip is parallel to the center line of the middle roller, 50~100mm apart.

The clearance of die lip should be slightly less than or equal to the thickness of plate products, and the clearance of die lip should be slightly less than the clearance of die lip on both sides.

Note that the roughness R of the three-roll working face should not be greater than 0.2pm.

When cleaning the roller surface, do not use a hard steel knife to scratch the roller surface, should use a copper knife to clean the roller surface residue.

The roll surface shall have some medium height;

The clearance between the three rolls shall be equal to or slightly greater than the thickness of the plate.

Mold temperature control to be stable.

When the temperature is high, the molten material flows faster in the mold.

When the temperature is low, the molten material flows slowly in the mold.

Unstable flow rate of molten material will cause the longitudinal thickness error of plate (sheet) products.

Pay attention to control the temperature of the working face of the three rolls. The temperature of the chip roll should be slightly higher than that of the chip roll and slightly lower than that of the chip roll.

The roller surface temperature is on the high side, the slab is not easy to take off the roller, and the product surface is easy to produce horizontal lines;

The temperature is low, the surface of the products is not shiny.

According to this phenomenon, roller surface temperature control should be adjusted in time.

The running speed of the three rollers is slightly higher than the extrusion speed of the slab from the die mouth, the general speed difference is less than 10%.

The working speed of the three rolls should be controlled to be stable. The speed of too fast or too slow has a great influence on the thickness error of the plate.

When extruding polyolefin plastic sheets (sheets), the screw adopts the mutant structure, the compression ratio is (3-4):1, the melt flow rate is :HDPE 0.3-2.0g /10min, LDPE 0.1-0.3g /1Omin, PP 0.5-1.5g /10min.

Non-crystalline polymer resin extruding forming plate (sheet) material such as ABS, should choose the gradient screw, compression ratio is (1.6 1 2.5):1

Plastic board (sheet) extrusion molding, in addition to polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and polypropylene resin before extrusion generally do not carry out dehumidification treatment, other plastics (such as ABS, polyamide, etc.) should be dehumidification before extrusion treatment.

Otherwise, should use the exhaust extruder extrusion molding.