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The structural characteristics of the sheet metal machine cause a large noise in

2020-01-08 17:18:52

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The structure of sheet mill is different from other extruders.There is a vent above the middle of the barrel....

The structure of sheet mill is different from other extruders.There is a vent above the middle of the barrel.Screw is composed of two conventional screw series.The joint of the two sections of screw corresponds to the exhaust port of the cylinder. The front screw of the exhaust port is called the first-order screw, which is the same as the ordinary rod.Feeding section, plasticization section and homogenization section, exhaust port at the back end of the SAN rod section is called the second screw.It consists of exhaust section, plasticization section and homogenization section.

The working mode of the sheet metal machine: the raw material enters the first order screw, passes the feeding section, the plasticization section and the homogenization section, basically achieves the plasticization.During the extrusion process, the water, air, volatile materials and other stick gas in the raw material escape in the extrusion mixing.Because the vent is connected to the vacuum pump line, the molten material is squeezed to the vent and the pressure drops suddenly, so the mixed gas in the molten material is extracted after reaching the vent.The melt is pushed by the rotating screw to the second screw.Further plasticizing is obtained and then at constant pressure, equivalent and relatively stable temperatures.Extruded mold.Molded plastic products.

What are the causes of the loud voice in the work of the sheet metal machine?

Motor position

(1) the rotor shaft with rolling bearing serious wear or low bearing accuracy.

(2) rotor shaft bending deformation.

The carbon brush installation working position is not correct.

(4) rotor shaft blade scraping motor housing.

(2)V belt drive part

Plastic sheet machine V belt wheel in the transmission shaft installation fixed or two parts with large gap.

(2) the belt wheel manufacturing accuracy is low, the end face or round swing.

(3) the installation quality of the main and passive belt pulley is poor, so that the high-speed track of the v-belt is not on a plane, producing working noise.

(3) gear transmission working position

Gear manufacturing accuracy is low, tooth spacing error.

(2) a pair of meshing gear shaft center distance error.When the center distance is less than the standard, the interference sound between the gear meshing transmission teeth will be generated. When the center distance is greater than the standard value, the sound of gear meshing transmission work will be generated.

The rolling bearing on the transmission shaft is badly worn or of low precision.

The center line of the two transmission shafts on the gear is not parallel.The two gears do not mesh properly.

A pair of meshing gear tooth lubrication conditions are poor.Not enough oil.

(4) screw position of plastic sheet machine barrel

(1) screw assembly in the machine, two parts concentricity accuracy low.The rotation of the screw causes friction with the inner circle of the barrel.

(2) the vertical error of connecting the end face of the cylinder and the flange end face of the cylinder seat and the center line of the cylinder is large.

(3) screw bending deformation.The straightness error of axis center line is too large.

(4) screw and its shaft assembly gap is too large.The center lines of the two axes are not coaxial, and the error is large.

The quality characteristics of modern mechanical and electrical products include function, performance, working accuracy, durability, reliability, efficiency, life, etc.Mechanical precision is one of the important indexes to measure mechanical and electrical products, and also the main technical parameters to evaluate the quality of mechanical and electrical products.And in the machinery no matter what kind of mechanical equipment is to have mechanical precision, such as the plastic machine sheet machine, the need to have sheet production, extrusion related assembly configuration precision.

The accuracy of geometric parameters of mechanical parts is the decisive factor affecting the quality of mechanical and electrical products.Quality index of the modern mechanical and electrical products is closely related to the product of geometry accuracy, did not have enough quantity of geometric accuracy, mechanical products is losing its use value, lunch box machine is one of them has the geometry precision mechanical equipment, it produces snack box has the geometry definition, so the appearance of mold size needs to be well designed.Geometric precision refers to the degree that the actual value of geometric parameters and the theoretical value required by the design agree with each other, and the deviation between them is called machining error.Machining accuracy is usually reflected and measured numerically by the size of machining error.

The geometric measurement precision usually includes the dimensional precision, geometric shape precision, directional precision, relative position precision and surface roughness of the component geometry.When the geometric shape of the part, if the error is smaller, the accuracy is higher;The greater the error, the lower the precision.