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The market prospect of crusher will be better and better

2020-01-08 17:15:06

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At present, recycled foam particles have been used in textile, automotive, food and beverage packaging, consumer electronics and other areas....

At present, recycled foam particles have been used in textile, automotive, food and beverage packaging, consumer electronics and other areas.Some enterprises have also taken the initiative to put forward the application of recycled plastic appeal, with the lifting of constraints in the future, it is not difficult to find that the development prospects of recycled plastic is very considerable.Crusher has become the market leader.

From the consumer, enterprise, policy and other aspects, the demand for recycled plastic is increasing, the market weight of foam pellet machine is becoming more and more heavy, its comprehensive development is expected to achieve a breakthrough in the near future.However, if the above levels are relatively macro, there are still many detailed obstacles in the development process that need to be cleared one by one, such as the supervision and pricing of all links of the industrial chain.

The market environment of the regenerative bubble is getting better and better, but in the actual development process, there are still many problems to be solved one by one, in order to usher in the spring of the regenerative crusher industry.

With the progress of the society and the application of science and technology, at present, the market demand for plastic foam machinery is more and more, plastic foam machinery industry should improve technology to increase the added value.

The current market for prosperity of the plastics machinery market is that there are a lot of, some people production white translucent waste foam particles, according to the requirement, developed a new generation of fully automatic crusher, this also is a kind of high-end technology, USES the automatic temperature control of heating, automatic constant temperature, automatic network of high-end crusher, high degree of automation equipment, environmental protection performance is good.

In recent years, China's plastic machine industry has made great progress, the annual output of various plastic granulator, crusher more than 100,000 sets, basically can meet the general plastic raw material processing and plastic products processing, molding requirements.Except a few large plastic enterprise groups have advanced equipment, the vast majority of plastic processing enterprises are mainly domestic equipment.In terms of large, precision and high-speed equipment, there are still many deficiencies in domestic products. In recent years, the number of plastic machinery imported from China is also growing rapidly. In particular, people's awareness of recycling is strengthening.

In order to effectively solve the problem of waste agricultural film pollution, this year the county and each township signed the environmental protection management objectives, clearly requires that each township to build at least one waste agricultural film recycling station, recycling the waste agricultural film.

This year has carried on the reconstruction and expansion, has added the production equipment crusher, the plastic recovery machine, has strengthened the waste agricultural film waste foam recovery strength, has set up many inside and outside the county recovery network.After the reconstruction and expansion of the production line, it is expected to recycle 1,500 tons of waste plastic and foam products and produce 300 tons of plastic particles every year.The completion of the production line, zhuanglang county to control white pollution has played a good demonstration role.

People will recycle waste goods has begun to pay attention to, waste crusher, foam block machine out of the tuo machine has become an indispensable recycling equipment.

Crusher features:

1, is the fourth generation of twin screw waste foam recycling and granulation production line, the appearance of a fully closed safety shield, one is to avoid high temperature burns, in addition to avoid electrical leakage, but also play a role in heat preservation.The product quality is good, the grain is white semi-transparent body, the color is good.

2. Low energy consumption and significant energy saving effect.Motor part, foam particle machine high speed operation of the motor belt is the most prone to problems, we used a high safety of the whole package cover, which not only ensure the safety of the motor in operation, but also for the overall beauty of the machine add a lot of color.

3, the cutting part, this is a problem that can not be ignored, the machine USES a high-efficiency bedroom grinder, the operation on the ground, with a broom to sweep the material, so as to avoid the danger of direct manual operation.