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The development trend of sheet metal machine

2020-01-08 17:16:02

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The gradual improvement of the domestic sheet manufacturing level has promoted the increase of domestic plastic sheet manufacturing enterprises and the diversification of sheet material....

The gradual improvement of the domestic sheet manufacturing level has promoted the increase of domestic plastic sheet manufacturing enterprises and the diversification of sheet material, and also promoted the unprecedented prosperity of the thermoforming packaging industry.

At present, the development of sheet metal machine industry in China has the following trends:

One, with a single set of separated type single screw extruder equipment vertical three roll sheet material production line tends to be full, most of the domestic hot forming enterprises have this kind of sheet material production line, it for the early occupation of the market, the accumulation of funds, technology development has made great achievements.

It produces the sheet material can basically satisfy the production demand, but with it produces the sheet material, especially produces the HIPS sheet material to be unable to produce the satisfactory gloss, the level is low.

In the sheet material production line with a single extruder, the electromagnetic dynamic extruder initiated by China has been successfully used in the sheet material production line.

Three, with a single exhaust - double - step single screw extruder equipped with sheet, is the equipment manufacturers to cooperate with environmental protection and roll out of the new sheet production line.

In the end, the biodegradable materials with starch content up to 80% were successfully produced through repeated hard experiments and improvements.

At present, starch degradation data used by many domestic enterprises are on the production line of degradation sheet material, producing environmentally friendly degradation sheet material and thermoforming products with a promising prospect.

Four, in order to reduce the cost and grasp the market, the production of degradation sheet material enterprises to buy the granulation production line, with twin screw granulation production line to supply their degradation sheet material production line.

Such as Shanghai jinying, xi 'an wanjie, have their own ldquo;

Twin screw granulation production line & RDQ.

At present, the production technology of degraded granule in the market is sophisticated, and the price has been reduced to very low. The enterprises producing degraded sheet materials do not need to go to the granulation production line by themselves, because there are many granulation production line mission is lacking, and even the equipment is shelved.

5. K-resin blend tongming KPS sheet has a tendency to replace PP tongming sheet to manufacture disposable containers and replace BOPS and PVS sheet to produce sheets.

Because BOPS, PVC sheet material needs special equipment to produce, so usually hot forming enterprises need BOPS, PVC sheet material is outsourcing.

In addition, PVC leftover material enterprises themselves can not use, recovery price is very low, added the production cost of enterprises.

Another reason is that PVC collects material easily pollutes other plastics, should pay special attention to in produce consequently, this brings a few trouble to produce operation.

KPS sheet can be processed on the general extrusion sheet production line, which can be used by the enterprises themselves, and the output of the sheet can be added to reduce the production cost.

So some enterprises are now beginning to use KPS sheet material manufacturing tongming cup, hardness and patience is good, and some use KPS to make a lid, instead of PVC sheet material.

KPS sheet is a blend of k-resin and GPPS resin.

K- resin production, the current, the price gradually fell.

It will replace PP sheet, PVC sheet, BOPS sheet possibility will be further increased, at present, domestic production of PP sheet equipment can also produce satisfactory KPS sheet.

Six, multilayer composite co-extruded sheet with special functions by the market love.

With the development of dairy and beverage industries, the demand for plastic cups is getting higher and higher.

In addition to the demand for outstanding appearance quality bright, bright, hard, but also needs to have a longer time preservation function and shelf life, and single-layer sheet material can not meet this demand.

Use of sheet metal machine production line:

This production line mainly produces SMC sheet molding compound plastics.

SMC is English SEET MOLOLNG COMPOUNT abbreviations, meaning sheet molding compound, is a new type of thermoset moulding plastic, are widely used in many aspects, such as transportation, construction, electrical and production unit is a make to join the thickening agent, filler, pigment, release agent, curing agent composed of polyester resin, such as dipping, glass fiber, two sides with mulch, form a sandwich structure, roll in the supply of an unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced materials.

Sheet metal machine features:

Our factory introduced SMCDMC production line and technology from British ERF company in 1900. After many years of research and development, combining with the actual domestic demand, we have developed our own advanced production line with reasonable technology and automation.

This production line consists of four parts: yarn cutting part, main machine part, winding part and electrical control part.

The structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient, the volume is small, the output is high, for the similar product 2-3 times.

The main engine adopts stepless speed regulating motor, and the coiling part is driven by torque motor, saving power and labor;

The yarn cutting part adopts speed-regulating motor to achieve stepless variable speed, which makes the adjustment range of yarn content increase, and the adjustment is reliable and accurate.

Yarn cutter roller adopts spiral form to reduce noise and improve the service life of cots and blades.