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China's plastic industry supplies equipment for crushers

2020-01-08 17:12:24

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As an important technical equipment, plastic processing machinery is widely used in building material industry....

First, go abroad, increase export hard principle

As an important technical equipment, plastic processing machinery is widely used in building material industry, packaging industry, electric and electronic information industry, agriculture, automotive and transportation, light industry, petroleum chemical industry, machinery industry, defense industry and other departments of national economy and all areas of people's life, in the national economy increasingly shows a very important role.

China's production of plastic machinery has ranked first in the world for nine consecutive years, accounting for more than half of the world's total.

China has become a well-deserved big country of plastic machine, but by no means a strong country of plastic machine.

At present, China's crushing machinery has been able to meet the basic needs of the domestic, but compared with the world's advanced level, China's plastic processing machinery in the quality of stability, automation and other aspects of a certain gap.

When talking about China's position in the world, luo baihui, secretary general of the international mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association, told China chemical news that in the past decade, the highest annual sales volume of China's plastic machinery industry was 28 billion yuan, less than 14% of the world average, and only 6% of the export market.

More than 50% of the domestic market share is occupied by imported equipment.

According to China's current production capacity and export potential of plastic machinery, increasing exports should be one of the basic outlets for our further development.

We must make full use of the opportunities brought by China's entry into wto and strive to create conditions to go abroad and expand the international market for the development of China's plastic machinery industry.

Second, enhance added value and enhance international competitiveness

In large, precision and high speed equipment, crusher international competitiveness is still insufficient in China, the number of imports of plastic machinery in recent years, China has been growing rapidly, every year to import all kinds of machines in tens of thousands of sets of imported plastic processing equipment of the value of about twice that of domestic plastics machinery output, this shows that foreign advanced plastic machinery manufacturer has obvious competitive advantage in technology.

Especially in the production of some products, imported equipment occupies a dominant position. For example, the production line of heat-resistant PET cleaning in China is almost all completed by imported equipment.

High - grade film production equipment is also all the introduction of the production line.

In addition to low added value of products, the gap between the domestic plastic machine and the world level is also shown in the following aspects: low efficiency of equipment, low precision of products, high energy consumption per unit, backward measurement and control technology and short life of equipment.

To change this situation, we must enhance the competitiveness of China's plastic machinery in the international market.

Third, change the concept of development to focus on user industry needs

China's plastic industry provides equipment for almost all industrial sectors. These industries have different degrees of realistic demand and potential demand for plastic mechanical crushers, but most of these industries do not know much about plastic machinery.

It is not clear to these industries what kind of demand, especially potential demand, can provide solutions with plastic machinery.

Therefore, changing the concept of plastic machinery development has become one of the important preconditions for the plastic machinery industry to break through the bottleneck of decades of low imitation and try to improve the industry.

In this respect, the practice of foreign enterprises is worthy of our reference and also shows the trend of future development.

For example, after the merger of bintfield and Cincinnati, the internal organization was set up as: construction (profile), infrastructure (pipe) and packaging.

These sectors correspond to the forward application domain rather than to the machine form.

1, starting from the development of plastic products, to provide users of plastic machinery from products, process formula, equipment and after-sales service, etc.

2. According to the requirements of users, design and manufacture suitable equipment to solve the process difficulties of users.

3. Timely learn from the technological development of related industries and apply the latest scientific and technological achievements to the industry.

Such as the electronics, communications and automotive industry, aerospace industry of scientific and technological achievements.

4. Keep up with the progress of material science and make new equipment adapt to the processing of new raw materials.

5. Establish the idea that equipment is the key factor of success or failure of users in market competition, and strive for high-speed, efficient and energy-saving operation of equipment.

6. There are cases of optimization and reorganization among enterprises, but there is no large-scale combination of large chemical enterprises.

As a result of foreign professional cooperation is very mature, plastic machinery production enterprises will not be too large.

7, break the original industry boundaries, plastic machinery for the industry service has become a pattern and in-depth development, and may lead to the market consumption transition, but pay attention to the guide must be the right direction.

8. When conditions permit, through various means, including joint ventures and cooperation, continue to learn from foreign advanced products, processes and equipment to develop China's plastic crusher and improve the technical level.

9, the domestic market capacity will be squeezed smaller and smaller.

Some enterprises will reduce the proportion of plastic machinery and turn to diversified operations, some enterprises will avoid domestic vicious competition and open up foreign markets.

10. Social professional cooperation will gradually mature.

Some manufacturers will concentrate on a specific market to expand their business.

11. Increase the investment in science and technology, accelerate the recruitment of high-quality management and science and technology personnel, in order to further develop and strive to compete with the world powers.

In recent years, international crusher are provided to the market with a full set of process scheme, crusher industry has made the very survival of service-oriented manufacturing strategic transformation, service-oriented manufacturing from low-end high-end development idea, high-end value chain refers to the international industrial division of labor, such as the manufacturing of high-end crusher only understood as a single equipment technology advanced, will lead to the industrial type of road.

With the sustained and rapid development of the national economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the continuous promotion of energy conservation, environmental protection and green low-carbon economy, China's per capita fuel consumption will get faster growth, China's crusher industry will be more promising development prospects.

This year, the crusher production concept again a major change, a full set of three-dimensional, systematic service plan, to the machinery manufacturers to bring challenges but also to bring more benefits to customers.

Service manufacturing indicates that high-end particle mechanism manufacturing refers to the crusher at the high end of the value chain of a full set of solutions, highlighting its ability to shape processing, but also the standard to measure the advanced technology level of the crusher.

High-end crusher manufacturing is able to solve the potential demand of the field/industry particle fuel molding processing solutions, crusher particle forming processing technology and equipment from the potential demand of the field/industry in the full range of solutions in the service process.

If you only make crushers, you must be at the lower end of the value chain, with most of the added value owned by the full range of solutions for potentially demanding fuel particles.

Service type manufacturing indicates that high-end sawdust pellet machine equipment manufacturing refers to the value chain of a full set of solutions, highlighting its ability to shape processing, but also to measure the crusher technology advanced standards.

Some of the crusher's technical progress is misunderstood as the use of some new design technology, new manufacturing process, new means of testing, supporting new parts on the original equipment, and forming processing capacity without substantial scientific and technological progress, just to provide a complete set of solutions to provide better equipment, still at the low end of the value chain.