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Analysis of main raw materials and development trend of crusher

2020-01-08 17:11:31

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The positioning of granular fuel produced by crushers in China is as follows: around 2010....

The positioning of granular fuel produced by crushers in China is as follows: around 2010, renewable energy sources will account for about 10% of energy consumption, and the strategic positioning is supplementary energy.Around 2020, renewable energy will account for about 15% of energy consumption.Around 2030, renewable energy will account for about 25 percent of energy consumption, and strategic positioning will be the mainstream energy.Around 2050, renewable energy accounts for about 40% of energy consumption, and the crusher will become the strategic orientation of the current society leading the development of the energy industry.

In the face of energy supply and demand pattern new change, the new trend of international energy development, our country government on the 6th meeting of central finance leading group stressed that domestic multivariate supply safe, vigorously promote clean coal utilization, focus on the development of coal energy, the formation of coal, oil, gas, nuclear and new energy and renewable energy, wheeled energy supply system.The following is the analysis of crusher development trend in China:

Zhu Ming, deputy director of the new energy and renewable energy department of the national energy administration, said that China's biomass energy development has begun to take shape. At present, China's straw and agricultural products that can be used as energy are equivalent to about 430 million tons of standard coal per year.In 2013, the installed capacity of biomass power generation in China was 8.5 million kw, generating 37 billion KWH annually.Biofuel ethanol production of 2 million tons/year, biodiesel production of 500,000 tons/year;Biomass molding fuel consumption of about 8 million tons/year;Biomass gas, including biogas, USES about 16 billion cubic meters per year, and biomass energy USES about 35 million tons of standard coal per year.

It is understood that the Chinese government in the new urbanization three basic principles: first, to people-oriented, pay attention to the quality of urbanization;Second, we should respect the will of farmers, protect their legitimate rights and interests, and ensure food security.Third, intensive, low carbon, harmony between man and nature.Industry experts generally agree that the three principles also provide opportunities for biomass development.

China's annual biomass energy consumption exceeded 50 million tons of standard coal by 2015, according to the report on market competitiveness survey and investment forecast for the biomass energy industry in 2015-2020 released by the China report hall.Among them, the installed capacity of biomass power generation is 13 million kilowatts, the annual power generation is about 78 billion kilowatt hours, the annual gas supply of biomass is 22 billion cubic meters, biomass molding fuel is 10 million tons, bio-liquid fuel is 5 million tons.However, the reporter learned in the interview that although China is rich in biomass energy reserves, and the development of biomass energy has begun to take shape, but the application market still needs to be further expanded.

At the current state of the art, lignin, which accounts for about a third of biomass, can only be burned or pyrolyzed for energy.The future, gasification —Synthetic technology can efficiently convert woody biomass into high-quality biodiesel, light oil and aviation kerosene.The biomass revolution brought about by this technological revolution has the potential to turn China's nearly 100 million hectares of marginal land into vast biomass oil fields.

Crusher mainly maize straw, rice straw stalks, wood chaff waste materials such as wood powder sawdust as raw material, the material is easy to obtain, and the price is relatively cheap, countries each year in manpower to control environmental protection, prevent the harvest season of large area burn these fertilizer serious pollution to the environment, combined with the propaganda over the years, farmers have increased environmental awareness and not in the straw incineration at will, also can sell part of it to make more income, waste, so is not a great difficulty in getting access to raw materials.Crusher particles made of low cost, high calorific value, than coal to environmental protection, is an ideal choice for biomass boiler.It can not only do fuel, but also do organic fertilizer loose soil, now many flower markets are using straw organic fertilizer particles, the market prospect is great.Crusher can be customized according to the needs of customers, easy to change the mold, very suitable for customers investment and development.

Crusher is biomass granule molding equipment is one of the series products of high quality products, both from the energy saving and efficient speaking is very good, it has a magical effect, both environmental benefits, straw, waste will help us to solve some of the rural waste, cotton stalks, corn stalk, straw, straw, wood chaff, wood powder, sawdust, peanut shell, rice husk and so on the problem of agriculture and forestry waste storage or processing.Crushing these raw materials into biomass fuel particles is not only a physical change, and with the change of internal molecular binding, this is the core of things, not only compressed the volume but also increased the combustion value.The crusher solves the social problem of double prohibition of agricultural and forestry waste crop straws in rural areas and plant wastes in urban areas. It not only effectively improves their comprehensive utilization rate, but also provides new environment-friendly and energy-saving fuels for industrial production, biomass energy generation, restaurants and hotels, and residents' lives.

Biomass energy is the energy that is fixed and stored in the body of living organisms after the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis of green plants.The most representative biomass is in the agricultural and forestry production process in addition to grain, fruit straw and other lignocellulose.The value of straw - based biomass conversion into electricity, heat, fuel and other energy and the output value of the new energy equipment manufacturing industry is more than 200 billion yuan.

Today, with the rapid development of energy equipment, crusher equipment is the key equipment for the development of the energy industry.Crusher equipment is the main raw material comes from the agroforestry wastes, the continuous decrease of forest resources, the crusher is the use of forest resources scattered leaves, twigs, straw as raw materials, or agricultural crops straw, chaff, etc., or the remaining scraps of wood processing enterprises, the material can pass crusher machine as biomass fuel particles.

How to choose their own suitable biomass crusher equipment should pay attention to the following points:

1, choose the crushing machine to determine their own raw materials: straw, wood chips in the end how much, calculate their own output, because the raw material is to ensure the largest basis for long-term production.

2, must conform to their own raw material crusher, different raw materials have different crusher to do, ring mold structure is to do the feed, good bonding materials.Flat mould straw to do organic fertilizer suitable, is also relatively good shape, the pressure does not need too big.To do biomass energy fuel, such as straw, wood chips, sawdust, grass, need a lot of pressure, to use a large vertical ring structure crusher, pressure equipment, to ensure long-term stable operation.The pellet fuel produced by the crusher has the characteristics of large specific weight, small volume, combustion resistance, convenient storage and transportation, etc. After forming, the volume is 1/30~40 of the raw material, specific gravity is 10~15 times of the raw material (density: 0.8-1.4) calorific value can reach 3400~6000 clocking, which is a high volatile phenol solid fuel.