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The necessity of insulation function of sheet metal machine

2020-01-08 17:10:42

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Sheet metal machine single-layer sheet metal unit based on the processing and transformation of mechanical equipment....

Sheet metal machine single-layer sheet metal unit based on the processing and transformation of mechanical equipment, in the absorption of advanced technology design and manufacturing technology, continuous reform and innovation.Sheet machine is mainly used in the production of sheet molding plastic, this is a new type of thermosetting molding plastic, in transportation, construction, electrical applications.

The sheet metal machine is designed and manufactured by our company on the basis of single sheet metal unit, absorbing and digesting the advanced technology at home and abroad.The machine is suitable for producing multi-layer co-extruding polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), etc., which is used for making beverage cups, ice cream cups, yogurt cups, packing boxes and other packing containers.Sheet metal machine excellent insulation function: sheet metal machine because there is no space between the polypropylene tube wall then has excellent insulation function.If very good insulation is needed, we can supply foam to compound with it.High functional strength component ratio: excellent compressive strength;Excellent shear strength;The weight is very light.

Sheet machine is mainly used in plastic cups, plates, bowls, dishes, boxes and other hot forming products, widely used in food, vegetables, fruits, beverages, dairy products, industrial parts and other packaging areas.Sheet metal machine is more and more widely used, the number of users increase year by year, the prospect is very promising.

The structure of the cup-making machine is mainly composed of sheet transfer device, cup-making device and fuselage.Its mechanical characteristics are mainly contained chain conveyor belt and chain row seat.

Sheet metal machine according to the production process can be divided into calender and extruder, this sheet metal machine technology has been quite mature, simple assembly, easy to buy parts, simple configuration, easy to operate, cheap, low maintenance cost has become a more popular model, can process PP, HIPS, PE egg tray sheet, blister packaging sheet.At present, most sheet machines use analog control main motor, three rolls and traction frequency conversion, winding by force cabinet electric machine winding.Now China cup machine technology is increasingly mature, coupled with increasingly strong market competition, within two years competition is bound to reach the incandescent stage.Investors should take advantage of the two - year gap in sheet metal machine rational investment period.

We know that the plastic sheet machine is a thickener, filler, demultifier, polyester resin, impregnation curing agent and other components of the equipment, on the glass fiber yarn, both sides, with a film cover, forming a glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester composite sandwich structure of the production equipment.

Plastic sheet forming technology is the most variety of polymer processing field, the widest range of applications, the fastest production efficiency, the most widely used, the production ratio of the forming processing, in the industrial production has an important impact.Plastic sheet machine is suitable for all polymer materials, its products including pipe, plate, sheet, film and other cable coating layer and so on composite, occupy 90 percent of the market share.

Plastic sheet machine in plastic machinery technology is the most widely used, with the rapid development of emerging industries today is inseparable, plastic sheet equipment in the market is full of opportunities, with opportunities and challenges.At the same time seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, in the future tomorrow and expectations, in all the technological achievements and plastic sheet machine innovation, will have the development of unlimited market opportunities, gradually expand to the overseas market.

In life, we often use plastic cups, dishes, bowls, boxes and other daily necessities, but few people know how they are produced.They are produced by plastic sheet machines, which are mainly used to produce various kinds of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) as raw materials.

Few people, however, are aware of the utility of this machine.It is suitable for transportation, construction, electrical applications, especially convenient, control and very advanced.It's also very small.With the increasing domestic demand, plastic has been used more and more and used in more and more quantities. The emphasis on future prospects has resulted in new selling points for production.The production sheet rolls out the multilayer compound sheet sheet production line investment, the relative competition is smaller, to the market market demand competition is big, the sheet sheet machine investment is less, the market price is good, can eat more recycled materials, reduce the cost, reduce the unnecessary waste.

After you have bought the sheet metal machine, do not turn on the machine in a hurry to operate. When using the sheet metal machine for the first time, we should pay attention to the following operations:

1. open the machine, the first machine temperature rise about 45 minutes.The recommended operation method is to pull the motor by hand until it is free;According to the normal working rotation pull eight to ten times, and then continue to warm up for about ten minutes, and then start up, but to continue to warm, because the normal production needs to continue to add heat;Adjust the temperature according to different properties of plastic.

2. in the process of work, to ensure that the machine temperature, not suddenly high and low.

3. The sheet extruder shall feed evenly and add enough.Sheet extruder feeding speed and feeding speed should be appropriate.Otherwise, the quality and yield of particles will be affected.

4. stop using, to completely cut off the power of the sheet metal machine.