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What are the methods in the process of cup making mechanism

2020-01-08 17:08:49

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Plastic cup is used in public places for people to use disposable plastic products, used for filling water or food....

Plastic cup is used in public places for people to use disposable plastic products, used for filling water or food, because the demand for plastic cup in public places is still very large, to the plastic cup machine has a great drive and development.Plastic cup-making mechanism plastic cup-making machine has always been a powerful device for making plastic cups.

The cup-making process of the cup-making machine follows the ldquo;Technologically advanced and feasible, economically reasonable and favorable, comprehensive utilization of resources ”The advanced distributed control system is adopted to control the process parameters of the whole production line by computer, so that the product quality is stable at a high level and the material consumption can be reduced at the same time.Strictly according to the requirements of the industry standards to organize production and business activities, effective control of product quality, to provide customers with quality products and good service.

We must want to know about the process of cup making machine cup, the following to introduce you the cup making machine method.

1.Cup machine cold pressing molding.We also often call it cold pressing sintering molding, it and the difference between ordinary compression molding is to promote the material pressure molding at room temperature.After demolding, the molded product can be reheated or cured by chemical action.This method is generally used in shaping polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) materials, but also in some high temperature resistant plastics (such as polyimide, etc.).The general process consists of three steps: blank - sintering - cooling.

2.Cup machine transfer molding.This is a kind of molding method of thermosetting plastic, molding plastic in the heating chamber to soften, and then pressed into the heated mold cavity curing molding.Cup machine transfer molding equipment according to different and will be divided into different types of work: trap-type;(2) tank;(3) plunger type.

The requirements of transfer molding on plastic are: before reaching the curing temperature, plastic should have greater fluidity, after reaching the curing temperature, and must have a faster curing rate.Phenolic aldehyde, melamine formaldehyde and epoxy resin can meet this requirement.

The transfer molding of cup making machine has the following advantages: less waste edge of products, can reduce the amount of processing;(2) molding with fine or fragile insert and perforated products, and can keep the insert and hole position correct;(3) products with uniform performance, accurate size, high quality;(4) mold wear is small.Disadvantages are: the manufacturing cost of the mold is higher than the compression mold;6 plastic wear;Fiber reinforced plastics produce anisotropy due to fiber orientation;The plastic that surrounds in insert all round today, can because melt presses sometimes not firm and make the strength of the product decreases.

3.Cup machine low pressure molding.Use molding pressure equal to or less than 1.4 mpa touch pressing or laminating method.

The low pressure molding method is used to make reinforced plastic products.Reinforcement materials such as glass fiber, textiles, asbestos, paper, carbon fiber, etc.The majority of commonly used resins are thermosetting, such as phenolic, epoxy, amino, unsaturated polyester, silicone and other resins.